Nova Premium Tumblr Theme

Although Nova looks incredible with a fresh install, you have the option to customize the nearly 50 appearance option, choose from the standard two column layout and a HD-wide one column layout, enable infinite scrolling, customize colors, upload background and header images, choose between the dark and light styles, and much more.

Preview the HD Layout & Infinite Scrolling

See an example of Nova 1.1 using the HD layout perfect for 720 pixel wide content. The demo also features the new infinite scrolling option for a continuous feed of posts.  Have questions about Nova 1.1, infinite scrolling or the HD layout?  Email us at or send us a message on Twitter - @stylehatch.

Advanced Theme Customization

Using the Appearance color values and image uploads you can create a unique version of Nova for your site.  Depending on the style you’re going for you can toggle the dark/light modes for variations in the icons, date blocks, and post backgrounds.

Social Features

Nova supports a variety of 3rd party social features including the Facebook like button, Twitter’s tweet button, short URLs, Disqus comments, your Twitter feed, and more planned in future versions.

Typekit Support  

Want ultimate control over the typography in Nova? New to Nova 1.2 is full integration of Typekit in the appearance options. Here are the basic steps involved in setting up Typekit for your site:

  1. Register for a Typekit account - Typekit offers several affordable yearly accounts, but you can always go with the free plan with access to their trial library.
  2. Browse through the library and click + Add to Kit after you’ve selected the body and title font for your site.
  3. While you have the Typekit Editor open go through the list of Weights & Styles (screenshot) selecting only the fonts that you need. This is typically regular, regular italic, bold and bold italic.
  4. Once you have your two fonts selected hit the green Publish button at the bottom right (screenshot).
  5. Go to back to Tumblr and open Customize > Appearance, find the Typekit ID field and paste in your Typekit ID. You can find the ID by opening the Typekit Editor and clicking Embed Code at the top right. You only want to copy and paste the 7-8 character ID at the bottom (screenshot).
  6. Now paste in the font-family values for the body and title fonts into Customize > Appearance. You will find it by clicking Advanced below theSelectors on the left (screenshot).

Tip: Even if you don’t use Typekit you can use the Typekit Body Font and Typekit Title Font options to paste in other standard font-family fonts.

Customization Options

Black Style
Toggle the dark/light versions.  This controls the date block, post type icons, post and sidebar backgrounds, and overall theme background.

HD Layout
Enables the one-column layout with 720 pixel wide post content.  Image posts show high resolution versions of the images, video posts scale the embed to 720p, and audio posts use larger album art.  The site title and description go to the top of the page, and liked posts/twitter feed move to the footer.

Use Floating Dates
As you scroll down the page the date blocks will fix to the top of the browser window. Disabling this option will keep the date blocks in place.

Show Blogs I Follow
When enabled a list of the blogs you follow appear in the footer.

Use Custom Fonts
By default this enables the custom font-face type for post titles and UI details.

Use Extended Font Characters
Option to load a larger version of the font-face files to include extended latin character support—Albanian, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Faroese, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Malagasy, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish.

Disable Default Background Image
If you want to simply use a solid background color for the theme customization option you will need to check this option.

Show Portrait in Descriptions
Shows a small portrait icon inside your description.

Show Social Links
Show the block of social icon links.  See the full list of icon types available below.

Show Group Blog Details
If your site is a group blog checking this option will list the site authors in the sidebar as well as post credits below each post.

Use Toggle to Show Share Bar
Hides the Twitter/Facebook buttons and the short URL field and displays a Share button.  When a visitor clicks the Share button it will reveal the share bar. 

Enable Infinite Scrolling
Check this option to turn the theme into a continuous feed of posts as you scroll towards the bottom of the page.  Currently this feature is only supported in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer 9.  If a visitor is using an older version of Internet Explorer they will simple see the non-infinte scrolling version.

Image - Header
Uploader to add a header image to your site.  In the standard layout the sidebar header should be 300 pixels wide, and in the HD layout the header image should be 760 pixels wide.  Anything wider will scale down to the proper size, but will take longer to download.

Image - Background
Uploader to add a background image to your site.  By default the background image is set to tile in the background, but using the Custom CSS field in Customize > Advanced you can change any CSS background attributes.

Color - Accent
Set the color of the post type icons, date type, link hover colors, and Vimeo embed colors.

Color - Link
Set the link colors used throughout the site.

Color - Background
Set the background color if you’re using a solid background color or fading the background image to a solid color. 

Custom Text Titles
Set the titles above blocks of site content including: “Pages”, “Find Me On”, “Recent Tweets”, “Posts I Like”, “Flickr Feed”, and “Blogs I Follow”.

Disqus Username
Add your site’s Disqus short-name to include comment functionality.

Google Analytics ID
Add your Google Analytics ID to track site usage, visitors and trends.

Clicky ID
Add your Click ID for realtime visitor tracking and additional analytics.

Flickr ID
Add your Flickr ID to display thumbnails for the six most recent photos.  Your Flickr ID is different form your username.  To find out your Flickr ID use idGettr.

Sidebar Widget HTML
This option allows you to paste in HTML to create new sidebar boxes for ads, social plugins, or other content.

Social Links
The follow sites listed below have icons associated in the theme that you can enable by entering in a link to your profile: 

  • Behance 
  • Cargo Collective 
  • Delicious 
  • Digg 
  • Dribbble 
  • Ember 
  • Etsy 
  • Facebook 
  • FFFFound 
  • Flickr 
  • Forrst
  • Gowalla 
  • LastFM 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Skype username URL
  • Slideshare 
  • Soundcloud
  • Stumbled Upon 
  • Twitter 
  • Vimeo 
  • YouTube 
  • Email address