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Nova Premium Tumblr Theme

Although Nova looks incredible with a fresh install, you have the option to customize the nearly 50 appearance option, choose from the standard two column layout and a HD-wide one column layout, enable infinite scrolling, customize colors, upload background and header images, choose between the dark and light styles, and much more.

Preview the HD Layout & Infinite Scrolling

See an example of Nova 1.1 using the HD layout perfect for 720 pixel wide content. The demo also features the new infinite scrolling option for a continuous feed of posts.  Have questions about Nova 1.1, infinite scrolling or the HD layout?  Email us at nova@stylehatch.co or send us a message on Twitter - @stylehatch.

Advanced Theme Customization

Using the Appearance color values and image uploads you can create a unique version of Nova for your site.  Depending on the style you’re going for you can toggle the dark/light modes for variations in the icons, date blocks, and post backgrounds.

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Make Nova Your Own

Although Nova looks great fresh out of the box, give it that extra 5% of love and you’ll have something unique that matches your own style.  All you have to do is change up the layout, background, colors, and upload some header images.

Have you made something unique with Nova?  Leave a link to your site in the comments and we might show off your site here or on Twitter - @novatheme.